How to play craps?

History of craps

Craps is one of the most ancient games, popular in ancient Egypt as well as in Rome, the game was played by all. It’s not clear the precise root of the term craps. It is said that the so-called unwinning combination consists of two numbers, identical to a crab’s eyes. Before the emergence of the game of craps, there was a game called azar in the 18th century. Then this game came to America, carrying on a variety of modifications and finally getting the name craps. The new and current iteration of the game has already existed in the United States of America during the first half of the twentieth century.

By the 1930s, craps was played in virtually every casino in the U.S., where it became the most popular casino game. Yet it’s still losing its influence in the nineties. More and more online casinos are emerging at the moment and craps has begun to appear even more regularly on monitors. Internet craps isn’t equivalent to the actual one, it still keeps players in anticipation and suspense, you can gamble on one or two bets, waiting for the next dice roll.

The rules of the game can sound very, very complicated for beginners, but the game is played in many stages and the most difficult thing is that there are a large number of different bets. You also need to follow enough of the rules and every player can find the game very simple and understandable. In this game, you don’t have to count something, just put a bet and wait for your win or lose. That’s not it, you ought to know even more of this game’s subtleties, for instance, a lot of bets are played several times, and bets can be removed during play.

Craps say the game is structured to predict: the players attempt to guess how high the two dice will be after the throw of the shot, and make the correct decision. Many players want to deduce possible winnings from a statistical system.

About craps

Craps is a table which places bets on. You have to play two dice. Craps is played in turn by all of the table members. Thanks to two cubes – hexagons the game works. The player takes up two dice and tries to shake them, drops them quickly, and they fall randomly, and the numbers fallen are read from the top sides of the dice, which we sum up to get the score.

The craps game has a rather nice aspect – an immense betting area where up to ten bets a game can be made. The idea is the same as in roulette where you can bet on red and black, even and bad, and also in craps you can bet on pass line or don t pass line, to win or lose.

Both bets are profitable because the chance of winning is one to two, the same trait for bets on come and don t come. If you put on these prices, and on odds bet as well, it will yield a great outcome. The key challenge is to get the right amount we need at one of the levels of the game. Various numbers will fall out, we can go from two dice in total from two to twelve points. The craps play table is set out in a special manner. Similar to the danger game, players can position bets thanks to the special style.

Craps dice

A large special elongated gaming table with rounded corners is required to play craps. Twelve participants can concurrently play at craps mini-table, but there are also regular tables where twice as many players can take part in the game. The edges of the table’s sides are high, so the bones do not break out during the toss. The inner sides (except the casino chip box) are covered with a special ribbed rubber coating, so that the bones rebound off and are not bent or scattered off the sides at the same time. Special grooves are made in the sides of the boards, on the side of the table where the players stand, with sectors where the players can position their chips.

The craps table play area is coated with cloth and labelled with bet sectors. The betting area on the game table is divided into three parts: two simple symmetrical fields at the sides, and there is one more between them in the middle. The centered field is the betting area for a shot of one player. There are also representations of bones in the markup of this area in the form of dots (indices), and not just numbers. Only the stickman takes bets and puts them on the area. Base fields, or on – line bet fields. The casino rules allow players to make bets on the field individually.

Dice in craps are hexagonal, right angled dice. in casinos the dice for craps are big – with 1.9-2 cm edges – made of acrylic. They are coated to achieve optimal consistency and clarity of the cube facets. There are indices (dots) on each face which denote numbers from 1 to 6. The indices are drilled with the same plastic but with a different hue. This is achieved to achieve precise cube balance. There’s a selection of 5 bones and a bowl for them on the stickman’s table which has its own tag – a sail. He passes the dice to the shooter with the ring, so that he picks two out of five to fire. Pax – markers to the position.

There are two big black and white plastic washers about 5 cm in diameter, with the inscriptions on on one side and off on the other side. Depending on the situation in the game, the dealers place them on the right side on the play field to show whether the bet is working or not. These pucks are often dubbed a mark. If the puck-marker is on the number with the inscription on upwards, it indicates this number is a point, and played in the second level. With this side the marker is put on the don’t come bar sector in the corner of the table, at the end of the throws to the floor.

Casino chips on bets of varying denominations. Unlike roulette, in which a shovel gathers chips, craps dealers collect chips by hand. Swap chips – boxman. A stick is a special tool for pushing bones around the table, equivalent to a poker.

Craps participants

Near the table where craps are played, you can see the following people:

Boxman – a casino employee, seated by the box of chips on the long side of the table in the middle, watching game progress and overseeing the dealers’ work. He also deals with the exchanging of money for chips between players. Boxman got his name from the english term ring, since there’s a recess on the board next to him – a box – of casino chips.

A dealer or two dealers at the bases – casino workers, standing on both sides of the boxman and serving on the specific fields: putting signs, taking half bets and making payments.

Stickman – a casino employee, sits in front of the boxman, watches the progress of the game, controls the dice, takes bets from players on one shot of the gunman (the area for them is in the centre), declares the start of the game, the outcomes of throws and levels, gathers bets from the middle of the table and informs the dealers which bets have won.

The name stickman is derived from the english word stick, meaning a special stick to shift dice around the table. this is the stickman’s key role at the table – to pick up the dice after the throw and pass them to the player for the next throw after completing the payoff on all bets. The stickman has another role in luring players into the gameplay. Stickman is the showman at the craps table, he yells out stick calls, making the crowd entertain. More careful that the stickman is, the more fun the game gets. Thrower or sniper or gunman – a player who is dice rolling without losing.

From the end of the table (at the short part) it becomes for a toss. At the conclusion of his game or defeat (rolling 0 7-out), the dice are passed in clockwise direction to another player. Players are the ones making bets on the sticks. They are seated at the table adjacent of and behind the gunman. The rules of the craps game encourage players to enter and leave the game at any point at any moment.

Spectators – casino guests who are noisily interested in the contest, urging the gunman on.

Casino manager – checks the casino’s facilities, does not stand by the bar. For inspecting bones only found in serious circumstances. When the die is tossed over the edge of the table, for example.

Craps rules

As already described, the stickman has a set of five dice on the table in craps. The stickman pushes all five dice with the stick to the shooter before the throw is completed, so that he picks two to throw. Rolling the die or roll is the primary move in craps playing.

Only the gunman is making throws, with one hand – the one taken from the bench. The throw is called complete if at least one of the two dice hit the board opposite to the shot, and both dice stayed on the deck. Set point – set the marker to the across line point number. This operation is carried out by the dealers on the simple fields prior to the start of the throws in the second stage of the game.

Exchange money for casino chips you’ll need to swap money for casino chips before playing the game (placing bets). Typically this occurs at the table on craps. Every time between the dice rolls the money for the chips is changed by the boxman. If the chips have been collected, the player may either keep them in his hands or place them on the table next to him (but not on the field marking) or place them in special chip grooves found on the sides of the table. They choose the latter.

Step 1 – come out roll is considered the first level of the game. The stickman says these words as the gunman pulls out the dice. At this point the players and the shooter are able to put bets on the simple bet area – on the line (english transfer line).

The gunman specifically throws conventional six-sided dice with one hand in such a way that they strike the board opposite the thrower, then remain squarely on the table until rolled back. If the dice are out of the table, the game is stopped before the dice that has been lost is checked (the casino inspector does this). However as a norm the whole collection of bones is replaced by a new one immediately.

The thrower is called the player who throws the dice. Based on what number he got the outcome of the duel is decided.

The most winning bets in the game:

 Pass Line 

The most common bet that can be made after the announcement of a new round. The options for the victory are 11 or 7. If the dice shows combinations 3, 2, 12 the player loses his bet. if 10,9,8,6,5, 4 comes out, so point is called the mix. To win, it takes a condition where the point combination falls down on subsequent throws. In the case of rolled 7 before repeating the argument, the participant wins. In case of a draw the bonus is 1 to 1.

Odds on pass line

Each player can use an additional bet after the point has occurred. Each variation the payouts are different. For instance, numbers 10 or 4 are payable as 2 to 1, 10 or 5–3 to 1, 6 or 8–6 to 5. When the point is rolled until the variation 7 occurs the player wins. May cancel this bet.


The rate offered varies from the pass line in that craps can be made at any moment. When the number 7 or 11 can be found on the dice the individual becomes the winner. If the 12, 2 or 3 variation turns up, the bet fails. As with the point variations, the player continues to roll until the point (the bet wins then) falls out. If you lose 11 or 7 – bet. The outlay is 1: 1.

Step 2 – point roll as you have already learned, whether the second stage will take place depends on how the game progressed in the first level. The second step of the game is called the point roll, since the key point in this period is the point thrown on the first roll. The dealers mark this precise point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) on the base field with a play puck (up) before the shooter resumes action.

Across line marker is placed on it. This action is known as set point. Players and shooter can then put bets on point number drawing, or bets behind the pass line. The line marker remains on until the end of the second point. The player must validate his claim in the second level, which dropped on the first cast, i.e. you have to roll the dice before the same point comes out again or until rolled 7. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 – 1st stage point – second stage score. 7 – seven outs (english seven outs or 7-outs) – second stage defeat. The shooter’s game ends on a 7-out roll.

Craps rates

Unlike roulette, where the edge of the house on all bets is the same (except bets on similar chances under the jail rule), the edge of the house on different bets is substantially different in craps. It is important that the player knows and understands where bet placing is beneficial or undesirable. First, find out what simple craps bets exist, how to position a bet, and at what point in the game, most importantly.

Craps options

There are plenty of poker games around the world where dice are one of the game’s features and the main action is dice roll. Dice games occur with various variants. But it’s customary to split different dice games into categories while universal rules apply to them, according to a common standard. A party like that is craps. Once upon a time only one version of this game would have been available. But the success of craps has given rise to several versions, where special ones supplement the general rules of this dice game. Here are only a couple of them: craps is one of the most common and favoured casino games in the united states. Private craps and bank craps are the most common craps in this country.