The Top 10 Most Dominant League of Legends Rosters of All-Time

What’s up guys I’m Colin for theScore esports. Professional League of Legends has been around since mid 2010 and since then we’ve seen some incredible rosters rise and fall. Now the question is which of those squads reigns supreme in the history of League of Legends. It is a tough question to answer but one we here at theScore esports were up to taking on.

We took into account regional dominance, international performance and yes impact on a given era to come up with our list of the Top 10 Most Dominant League of Legends Rosters of All Time. Coming in at number 10 is a 2013 Cloud9 squad that burst onto the North American LCS scene and changed the way that that that region played League of Legends. Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sneaky and LemonNation dominated their first LCS split, fielding a 25-3 record en route to an LCS title. (Casting) After that impressive first split, this lineup went on to win another NA LCS title in the 2014 spring split as well as back-to-back Worlds berths in 2013 and 2014.

At number nine we have Fnatic’s dominant 2015 roster that saw the likes of Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles and YellowStar make history as the only European team to go undefeated for an entire regular season. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Many have called this team the best roster the west has ever produced. Their perfect 18-0 record throughout the 2015 summer split translated into yet another EU LCS championship.

and the team would then go on to become one of the first Western rosters to ever finish in the Top 4 at Worlds. At number eight are the reigning world champions, Samsung Galaxy. Samsung may have not been heralded as the best Korean roster heading into Worlds 2017 but that’s what made their victory so special. Cuvee, Ambition, Crown, Ruler and CoreJJ surprised the entire world by doing something that had never been done beating Faker in a Worlds finals. (Casting) The team not only beat SK Telecom in the finals, but swept the series in three consecutive games, cementing their place in history. Our number seven team is the 2015 edition of China’s Edward Gaming.

This veteran squad consisted of Koro1, Clearlove, PawN, Deft and Meiko and became the first non-Korean team to win a major international event in the LCS era when they defeated SKT in the finals of MSI in 2015. (Casting) Their MSI victory aside, this roster dominated the LPL, winning back-to-back LPL splits. Coming in at number 6 is Korean powerhouse Kingzone DragonX. In 2018, the roster consisting of Khan, Peanut, Bdd, Pray and GorillA put up a whopping 16-2 record in the LCK and continued that momentum into the playoffs en route to an LCK title. (Casting) (Casting) During that season, members of Kingzone made up 4 of the top 10 KDA rankings in the region. This roster is the consensus best team on the planet right now, and they are the odds on favorite to take home this year’s MSI title.

Before the LCS was formed, competitive League of Legends was very different and nobody embodied this unique style more than Moscow 5. In an era where everyone was trying to stall out the game, Darien, Diamondprox, Alex Ich, Genja and GosuPepper ran right down their enemies’ throats and closed out games in under 30 minutes “And this was their era, this was when they had the most vitality and the most force the most impact. on the game. And they were the best team in the world. They were dominating.

Like when I first saw them at those first IEMs. They were getting wins in 20 minutes. Even against the best teams in the world. They were making teams just look embarrassing. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) During their reign of terror in 2012, they won the IEM season 6 world championship and IEM Kiev in addition to 11 other tournaments. At number four we’ve got the 2016 edition of the ROX Tigers.

Sure, Smeb, Peanut, Kuro, Pray and GorillA ultimately played second fiddle to SKT, but the Tigers put up some of the most impressive results we’ve ever seen. ROX were finished first overall even above SKT in both the 2016 spring and summer split regular seasons, bringing home the LCK title in Summer. (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Despite the fact that they were never able to win a major international title Pray, GorillA and company deserve to be considered among the game’s best. At number three we’ve got SK Telecom T1K, and let’s be honest you knew it was coming.

In 2013 SKT won the Season 3 World Championship with Faker in the mid lane, Impact in the top lane, Bengi in the Jungle, Piglet at ADC and PoohManDu at Support. They beat the KT Rolster Bullets to bring home the Korean regional title and then set their eyes on the World Championship. (Casting) Their Worlds victory and 15-3 combined record at the event was truly a turning point in pro League that led to the era of SKT dominance we know so well today. At number two we have the team that put up the most convincing world championship performance the game has ever seen Samsung White.

Looper, Dandy, PawN, Imp and Mata made up one of the strongest lineups in the game’s history and they battled hard with Samsung Blue during championship summer 2014 in Korea but ultimately finished 3rd. But, when it came to Worlds they were able to settle into the patch and their hyper aggressive play and incredible vision control made them unstoppable on the game’s biggest stage. “They come into the series as the heavy favourites. And we’ve seen them absolutely dominate the competition throughout Worlds.” “And to say that Samsung White has been dominant is absolutely an understatement.” “They’ve taken out the number one Chinese, North American, and Korean seeds throughout this entire tournament only dropping a single game.”

(Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) (Casting) Coming in at number one is the best of all of SKT’s dominant lineups. The core of Faker, Wolf, Bang, Bengi have collected the most impressive body of work in the history of League of Legends. This team won the World Championship in 2015 with MaRin in the top lane, as well as both the spring and summer LCK playoffs that year. That same core was able to do it all again in 2016 with the addition of Duke over MaRin in the top lane and Blank as a secondary jungler.

(Casting) The organization was unstoppable and set the bar for what it means to dominate. Okay guys, that’s out list. Now if your favourite League of Legends roster did not make the cut. Feel free to make your case in the comments below, and I will see you next week. Thanks for watching.

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