What it’s like to train with Cloud9 in League of Legends

In just a few minutes, the first ever Scouting Grounds draft will take place, with each of the LCS organizations picking one player from this week’s event for exclusive negotiation privileges Huge traditional sports fan. Every year I would watch my favorite sports, read up on all the players who might come, and see it transition into the actual LCS now is something that I can’t wait for going to the future. this is a great first step and there’s so much potential here, like you said with Cloud9 investing heavily in the future of players in the past, continuing to do so here, this is where winning traditions can start to be grown.

Played pretty sloppy that game. It wasn’t that bad. I like the flash auto you did with Taric at the end. Flash *ksh ksh* oh shit. I thought my teammates would be a lot more toxic I guess. But they’re all really nice and really nice people in game and we all help each other outside the game and in no deposit bonus casino.

It was definitely pretty interesting meeting them all the first day. It’s like who’s going to be how they are in solo queue and I don’t think any of them are. Everyone’s been really nice Everyone’s like right next to each other I can like give everyone a high five or something. And it’s like a really fun time.

But when you lose you can’t just go into a room and log off Team Speak or Discord. I still have my ult we can win this. Varus has ult.

I’m just pushing him back. Help bottom. It’s a pretty different experience because coming from solo queue, you’re not in a team environment and there’s a bunch of different factors coming in, and these teams evaluate you not in terms of just skill but also your mindset and how fast you’re willing to improve, and overall the players here are coming from solo queue and it’s a whole different experience. So Riot, there was an idea to sort of put some kind of like sort of performance workshop together for the Scouting Grounds players and I wanted to do something small, I didn’t have much time. So I focused in on the key components of performing under pressure and the mental side of performance for League of Legends players. Whenever you’re going to do Baron or something, try not to get too greedy.

Think clearly. Talk about conditions when you’re walking from base or when you’re dead. The mental side of performance is such a huge part of being a pro player and the qualities you need to be at your peak, you can train. I think one of the big things that helped me a lot was talking about meditation and regaining focus in a game. It’s like obviously not everything is going to go your way.

So if you can stop yourself from tilting and you sort of regain your composure it really helps a ton. Focusing is probably the most explicit instruction in meditation. bring your focus to your breath is the most common focus you do. And so any time you lose your focus you have a thought that pops into your mind or you start to get bored or you start thinking about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen later today, you’re no longer focused on your target and so you ideally what happens is you wake up to that at some point and then you bring your focus back and you might do that over and over and over again. it’s like flexing a muscle it’s like doing repetitions at the gym if you’re lifting weights every time you lift the weight your muscle gets stronger. So every time your mind wanders and you wake up and become aware and then refocus, you’re getting your strength in that focus muscle.

So that’s one thing It’s obviously really good to play a lot of league legends and get a lot of practice in. But you have to take care of yourself outside of the game and in your mind to perform well. I notice a lot of mistakes from my own performance and it tilts me a lot but everyone makes mistakes so it’s just good to focus on what’s going to happen and what I should do best in the game That’s what I do, I kill towers, what do you mean? You’re Kha’zix you’re supposed to kill them. I kill towers, you kill them. It’s a team game.

This is not solo queue. It’s not solo queue. So there’s that piece, the mental side of performance, and then the other piece was okay, these guys are coming from solo queue and now they have to play on a team and they have to do voice communication and some players have trouble with being on tilt or getting frustrated with teammates. And once you get into a team environment it’s actually such a relief for most players because as soon as you have a structured review process you know there’s a time and a place for going over mistakes. You know that you’re going to, you’re going to talk it out in the review process after.

and if you have good coaching staff, the coach takes over the job mostly of giving that feedback. So it just frees you up as a player then to really just focus on yourself, focus on what you can control, which is your own individual play, your own individual performance. If you like put five players in a room just for themselves without without a coach they’re just going to be arguing who’s right who’s wrong who’s right who’s wrong.

you’re starting a conversation with the players and you’re helping them improve. So after every scrim we’ll review for about 10 to 20 minutes regardless of win or loss and Westrice will just wind through the whole game. And if we want to talk about anything we can tell him to stop or he’ll have notes for us that he’s taken during the games. Being a pro player for five years, they’ll ask me some of these questions, and I speak from experience with some of these players.

I was an assistant coach for the main team of Cloud9. I went to China with them. I went to Korea. I was coaching solo queue. Like I was coaching like one on one coaching with players in solo queue while I was in school.

I got a lot of experience from that like you know teaching myself and then using that knowledge to teach the players. After you got that first tier 1 bot turret, I think you need to try your best to get involved in teamfights somehow. It was really surprising is that they’re insanely open to what I want to do. They’re more player-based than team-based. Especially as the coaching staff is letting us go through everything, since most of the time when you’re on a team, the coach just has a plan and wants to do it.

He really lets the players like initiate discussion and then he’s really open to hearing suggestions of how we think the game should be played and telling us just what he thinks is right and what we think is right and then trying to find the middle ground. He’d rather us make the mistakes in scrims than in an actual game that matters. So sometimes I’ll go for really aggressive plays and it’s like aw man, it didn’t work out. But no one flames me after the game, West doesn’t.

He’s like it’s good that you’re testing what you can do right now. There were a lot of times when after you took tier 1 bot, you just kept going bot, like you kept rotating mid back and forth, back and forth. I don’t have the replay but I’m pretty sure you kept walking past wards back and forth back and forth. Over the past 2 days the drafted Drake teams have competed in a round robin tournament which has determined seeding for today’s matches. first up is the third place match between CLG’s Mountain Drake and C9’s Cloud Drake.

The first time onstage for me it was really nerve racking. The first game I felt super nervous on honestly I was shaking a little bit. And League is on the frontline, marching straight forward, and a double kill onto the side of Cloud.

Playing on the LCS stage was like really fun just being able to watch the streams and then being there in real life is… it’s amazing being onstage. All the lights and then we didn’t have many fans in the audience but my AD Carry brought his whole posse so we still had people cheering for us, so that was great. Playing on stage was a pretty surreal feeling knowing I’m playing where the pros and people looked up to are playing. Hopefully one day I can get there as a pro. The nexus itself falling now… Playing here is different from playing solo queue at home because at home, no one’s just… no one’s playing as a team and everyone’s playing for themselves and everyone flames each other. So, I’m pretty sure everyone here has gotten flamed by each other.

So it’s really funny to get here and play with each other and everyone’s working and there’s no ego and there’s like no toxicity. It’s weird because to get to Scouting Grounds you have to be good at solo queue, which is a very selfish way of playing a game, you need to play really well by yourself, learn to be good, like just be good by yourself and not care about your team. When we play with a team, your team matters more. I think it definitely made legal legends fun again.

playing solo Q For seven years straight, it gets boring eventually. So it’s a really nice change of pace to be playing in a really competitive environment and I’m just learning so many new things. It was great playing with everyone on C9. All the players drafted and all of the staff I mean I loved all of them.

They were great people. Really fun experience.